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Radon Testing for Edmonton & Surrounding Area

Information for Home Buyers & Sellers

New Home Regulations & Radon


 Alberta building codes requires that ALL NEW HOMES that had permits pulled after November 1, 2015 must have a Radon Rough-in for a sub-floor depressurization system. 

 Once the home is occupied the home should be TESTED FOR RADON.   I am working directly with New Home Builders in the area to ensure their clients have a Certified Radon Measurement Professional at hand to come in and perform the Radon Inspection.

I want the public to understand that all homes contain Radon, the question is how much.  It doesn't mean your home was poorly built if there is Radon in your home.  I also want to ensure that everyone is aware that Radon is a FIXABLE problem.

Buying a Home?


To protect yourself and your investment you should have a Radon & Home Inspection performed.
I am working with local Realtors & their buyers/sellers to ensure the process remains smooth and painless for them and their clients.  Having a home tested for Radon will not slow down the sale process in any way.  The test is performed during a 48 hour time period and the home can remain occupied.  Results are sent to my customer immediately upon test completion.

Selling a Home?


Have you thought about a Pre-Sale Inspection?

By having a pre-sale home inspection and a Radon Test completed you are achieving the following:

  • Eliminating the possibility of last minute fall throughs or 11th hour re-negotiations
  • Protecting yourself from over-inflated buyer estimates
  • Reduce your liability
  • Facilitate a FASTER SALE for MORE MONEY

Trusted Business Professionals


Tell your realtor you want a radon inspection for your protection.


Melanie Jordan/Century 21

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Home Staging

The Staging Place 

Commercial Testing


Radon Radar offers testing in commercial office buildings as well as schools and daycares.  Please contact us for a personalized quote.